Special Forces new and innovative equipment

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) defines Thermosaver Hypthermic Rescue Bag as part of Special Forces new and innovative equipment.

In a recently published press release, The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) has highlighted four different innovations made that represent improvements of the equipment available to the Norwegian Special Forces. One of the four is Thermosaver.


Through an 18 months Innovation Project, The Norwegian Defence Research Institute Establishment (FFI), The Special Forces and Thermosaver have developed and tested a new prototype of the Thermosaver, specially fit for military use. The project has been funded by Innovation Norway.

Elements from the press release read:

«Researchers from FFI’s workstead have supported the Special Forces bringing forward innovative new equipment. We have developed practical solutions in respons to real needs.

One challenge has been to design a hypothermic rescue bag that in the best possible way can take care of a person who is hypothermic. At a core tempreature of 35 degrees, various body functions suffer. A body temperature below 30 degrees is mortal.

A concept developed in Norway, called the Banak-method, involves three main elements; a wind and watertight outer layer, an insulation layer and a vapour barrier closest to the patient. This principle has been integrated in Thermosaver. Medical experts from Haukeland University Hospital and a team of researchers from SINTEF have developed a new and more effective rescue bag. FFI has contributed in the testing of the prototypes. Termosaver is small in size, light weight and easy to operate in harsh conditions. The inner layer is a vapour barrier which can absorb fluids, a so called midwife bedsheet.

This vapour barrier is developed in Norway and can absorb approximately 10 liters of fluid pr. square meter, which is very helpful when the patient is wet. The hypothermic rescue bag is made with synthetic materials and have nine robust carrying handles. The product is produced and sold by Thermosaver AS, situated at Nordre Follo south of Oslo.”

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