The Rescue Bag

Thermosaver is based on the principles from the Banak method, which has been developed by Norwegian medical and rescue services over many years. It involves three central elements; a moisture barrier on the inside towards the patient (bubble wrap), an insulating middle layer (wool blanket) and a water repellent outer layer. Thermosaver has all these features built into a solution that integrates this and thus is significantly easier to use in harsh weather conditions. In addition, Thermosaver has a moisture-absorbing vapor barrier and is an effective evacuation platform with 9 solid carrying handles.

Thermosaver consists of five parts:

  • A water repellent and windproof outer layer made of polyester
  • An insulating layer of polyester fiber
  • An inner layer made of polyester
  • A vapor barrier that can absorb up to 10 liters of fluid per m2.
  • A removable hood made up of the same polyester combination as the rescue bag

The patient is wrapped like a burrito, this means that the rescue bag is flexible so it fits all body sizes. The bag including the moisture and vapor barrier is rolled up so that it is possible to use the “log-roll” method to move the patient over to the rescue bag. When the folding is completed around the patient, the patient is locked in the rescue bag using Velcro fasteners.

EN-1865 – tested with a lifting capacity at minimum 250kg for each lifting handle. 

Well insulated

Absorbs fluids

Water repellent outer layer

Small, lightweight, and easy to use

Effective evacuation tool

Thermosaver - Next generation hypothemic rescue bag