Next generation hypothermic rescue bag

Groundbreaking rescue bag with innovative technology

Thermosaver is a rescue bag that is small, lightweight, easy to use and is efficient for evacuating hypothermic and injured patients. The Thermosaver bag has been developed in collaboration with Norwegian experts in rescue work and emergency medicine.

Thermosaver is approved as a medical device and sold through Mediq Norway. 


Unique properties in an "all in one-solution"

Prevents heat loss

Designed to prevent heat loss, conserve heat and absorb liquid.

Efficient evacuation

Robust carrying handles and materials make the rescue bag an efficient evacuation tool.

Pre-hospital transportation

Standardizes the pre-hospital transport of hypothermic and injured people among the emergency services.

Partners in development

Thermosaver EU-MDR

Thermosaver is classified as a medical device in accordance with EU MDR

Thermosaver - Mediq forhandler

Mediq Norway AS is a distributor for Thermosaver

The development is supported by the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway

Thermosaver has been developed by leading specialists in hypothermia